Skin Needling

Skin Needling Treatment – How It Works To Benefit Your Skin

There’s no doubt that skin needling treatment is said to be one of the beauty wonder worth checking out – it’s non-invasive, proven effective, and it’s quick.  Read on to find out more about the new innovation and roll back the years on the skin to look youthful once again!

Putting needles into your skin is not a new thing – traditional orient medicines and Mesotherapy practices also use these pointy metal as part of acupuncture treatment for restoring energy flows, detoxifying internal organs, as well as improving overall health. The same principle also applies with this skin needling treatment.

How it works

As each needlepoint punctures the skin, it creates a tiny hole and very small injuries to the epidermis, which in turn triggers your body to start it’s healing mechanism by producing new collagen, elastin, and blood capillaries surrounding the injuries (which can last up to 12 months), leading to improved skin condition and youthful appearance.

Different needle length is used for each skin condition. For professional treatment, mild wrinkles may need a 2mm length while deep set scars, burns, stretch marks, and other severe imperfections may require 3mm length. Few spas offering skin needling treatment also offer a home kit that you can use for regular maintenance, although the needle length is shorter (0.2mm).

A proper skin care is essential (that includes regular and thorough application of sunscreen, ladies)  post-op to ensure your skin is safely protected while healing. At least six weeks is highly recommended between two consecutive treatments for the new collagen to form and depending on your skin’s condition, you may need up to five treatments.

Depending on the severity of the problem, the treatment is well tolerated by all color and skin types (a definite winner if you have sensitive skin here ). Only local anaesthetic is applied to the treated area and it can be done within an hour with short downtime. As for the side effects issue, it’s quite mild and limited to redness and some oozing from the skin.

Benefits to your skin

Possibly you might feel apprehensive, but compared with other skin rejuvenating treatment skin needling procedure is quite painless and in fact it’s considered to be one of the safest skin treatments around. Skin needling is effective for reducing scars caused by severe acne, surgery, thermal burns; pigmentations, and for tightening wrinkled and sagging skin. And just like other treatments, skin needling will also greatly enhance the absorption of the creams into the skin.

Skin needling treatment is definitely worth to check it out. Give it a go and you might be surprised you’d look younger than you can possible imagine.   

Refirme Nxt Skin Tightening

All new Refirme Nxt® Skin Tightening

Dermal fillers, botox – no doubt you’ve read one or two beauty treatments available created to restore youthfulness back into your skin. Have you heard about Refirme Nxt® Skin Tightening? It’s the latest innovation that has set the buzz in anti-aging treatments. Read on to know more how Refirme Nxt® can turn back the clock for your skin in the painless way possible.

Keeping your skin young at all times is no mean feat apart from a lot of factors that can cause your skin to age, there are also beauty treatments imaginable to consider if it works with your concerns and needs. With Refirme, you don’t have to worry anymore and yet still look years younger.

Refirme Skin Tightening is a treatment that uses ‘elos’ technology to heat the skin tissue in order to shrink aged collagen fibers and stimulate new collagen production to naturally tighten the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and the sagging of your skin, which in turns creates a supple-looking skin. And we are most excited about the newest series Refirme Nxt® machine available in 2015.

The Refirme NXT technology works by simultaneously using the power of infrared together with bipolar radio frequency and controlled with an all new dermal temperature and safety monitor. The reason why Refirme Nxt® is used to treat your skin because it works only in specific regions and cools the area directly, thus it’s safer and you’ll be more comfortable during the procedure.

Apart from being a non-invasive procedure (which no doubt what got you worried a bit), you can practically use Refirme Nxt® on nearly anywhere on your body that are full with wrinkles and needs to perk up. The treatment is fast with no downtime and the results is noticeable and the only possibility is your skin may become a bit sensitive tight after the procedure for a short period of time. Plus, the treatment works for all skin type and color, regardless of age, as long as you have wrinkles and aging skin that keeps you bothered.

As soon as you’re done with one session of Refirme, you can expect your skin to become just like what you used to have – smooth and supple skin, appearance of wrinkles diminished, overall skin looks more luminous, ‘lift up’, and radiant. But most importantly, unlike Dermal Fillers which has instant results the results from the newer Refirme Nxt last longer and are progressive. So whilst there is an important immediate result, you can expect continuing collagen regeneration that carry’s on for 6-12 months. Typical prices for Refirme treatment is about $650 and Refirme Nxt® is about $900. We’d suggest paying for 3 treatments upfront to get a more appropriate price. 

By the looks of it, Refirme Skin Tightening sounds appealing unlike other invasive treatments that are not just expensive, but pose increased risks as well.

In a way, Refirme is the right way to achieve a younger looking skin without the risks of other invasive procedure out there. Why not have a discussion with your dermatologist and see if  you are a good candidate for Refirme Nxt® Skin Tightening.